Friday, 19 April 2013


Hi De Hi Campers, time to climb aboard the Irrational sexpress as we take a summer trip to Camp Sink The Pink.

Taking in everything that the great British seaside has to offer; bingo halls and bingo wings, Butlins red coats, end of the pier freaks, pervy magicians and their twisted sidekicks, tan lines, wife beaters, drunk girls from Halifax, fingering round the back of the caravan, drag queens from Blackpool, ridiculous shows, naff dance routines, knobbly knees, teenage naughty antics and MORE!

Starring ALL the Sink The Pink family plus the AMAZING Scottee!!


Sink The Pink
Daisy Confused
Josh You Are

Bringing the HEAT: OlyWood and Mikey Woodbridge

And OF COURSE, all the Sink the Pink family

Glyn Famous, Amy Zing, Poly Ester, 
Joan OH, Salvador Darling, Alexus Deluxe, Annie Pix, Diana Might and Gorgeous George

PLUS HUGE international DJ to be announced SOON!

Glitter My Shitter makeovers all night as well as NEW shows, pole dancing trannies, the BEST music, atmosphere and night in LONDON right NOW!

Wear your best holiday camp outfit or just dress as CAMP as humanly possible! This is Sink The Pink, anything goes.

Advance £7 tix are LIVE now so go get them!
as always you can still get £10 tix on the door