Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Years Eve Tranimal Rave


New Years Eve just got messier than ever before as the Tranimals take over!!

For our 2nd year we are taking over Dalston Superstore with a little help from our friends......


Gutterslut DJs
James Phillips
Sugarlow Boys
Attack Attack Attack
DJ Squeaky


Jacqui Potato
JonBenet Blonde
Poly Ester
Joan of Darc
Lucy Fizz
Oozing Gloop
Daisy Confused

PLUS - Queen Ma Butcher is BACK with us so god knows what could happen, she'll be counting down until 2013 in her own unique way!

PLUS a whole lot of Sink The Pink chaos, bar top performances, HOT go go action, games, giveaways and MORE!!

This is the ONLY place to be this NYE, FACT!

Tickets will sell out.
Get them now:
A tenner in advance
£12 on the door

Sink The Pink are ART!

Samuel Liebert presents his first solo show All That Glitters, at The Cob Gallery London, in support of the Terrence Higgins Trust.
Featuring the Sink The Pinkers, the show runs until December 20th, get there if you can!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012



After last months SELL OUT Sink The Pink we are beyond excited to open our doors (and legs) for y'all again!

And boy do we have a killer one for you..............


*******James Phillips is Daisy Confused***********

********Josh You Are************

Playing room pumping hits ALL night that will make your mannies pulse and you cankles wobble!

Plus we are excited to be joined by the AMAZE Lorraine Bowen who will be leading us all in a carol service like no other!!

AND, Bad Santa and his fucked up fairies will be opening their grotto for you to get all your Christmas wishes squashed!

Plus the Hottest, MOST up for it crowd in London, Glitter My Shitter make-under stand, dress up, performances ALL night; anything goes, everyone's welcome!!!

Advance tix available from
£10 on the door! Doors close at 12 and once we are full we are FULL!!!


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Nick Grimshaw vs Justin Bieber - 'Beauty and a Beat' ft Sink The Pink (Behind The Scenes)

Come behind the scenes of the Nick Grimshaw vs Justin Bieber 'Beauty and a Beat' shoot, featuring Sink The Pink as backing dancers. Filmed at The London Fields Lido, its our Miami baby!

Sorry Greg but even Beiber admits that WE WON! ;)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Trannies in hot tubs, mothball olympics, rat bobbing and wheelchair races, shows all night, secret fortunes told in yurts, magical, creepy, halloween, fancy dress fun and wrongness!

SINK THE PINK takeover the roof of Netil House on Saturday whooooppp!!


 6 bottles of scotch and 3 bottles of gin!

Friday, 19 October 2012

SCISSOR SISTERS tour wrap party

Now it's REALLY time to have a fucking KIKI!!

SINK THE PINK are honoured to be throwing the official SCISSOR SISTERS tour wrap party 


Jake Shears
Bright Light Bright Light
James Phillips
Josh You Are
Plus HUGE surprise DJ to be announced

We have one hell of a night planned as we open both floors of Working Mens, kicking out the old boys for one night of carnage, break the rule books, lock the doors TIGHT. This is a night where anything goes!!

Dress code:

Wear an outfit Elton would be proud of, you never know he may drop by for a Cinzano and some nuts!
OR, Come as you are.........

GLITTER MY SHITTER will make you over and keep you glitzed up the nines, tens and elevens!

SINK THE PINK will provide the chaos as we get the room competing for the title of Queen of Shabby Realness! There will also be the usual shows, gratuitous nudity and unplanned carnage!

I'm chanting as we speak, bye bye darling!!!

TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW! There will be some on the door but best to get before as once they are gone they are GONE.

£7 advance/£10 on the door

Get them at........

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


People of The Pink!Urgent appeal! Help needed!

We have a crisis. 
See the beautiful set from our tranimal tent at Bestival? 

A hardworking, talented core team of Sink The Pink set designers worked hard for months in the build up to Bestival to create these masterpieces to make the tent the success it was at Bestival.

It was made with love by members of our scene, who all gave their time for free to make it as incredible as it was.

It's ALL gone missing. Yes, every piece; over 40 hand crafted, painted, glittered, lovingly created, huge tranimal wooden signs and cut outs. Alongside bags and bags of rope lights, bunting, fabric, inflatable animals, toys and more. Plus all of the Sink The Pink signs we have used in the club over the years. Basically all the hard work of Luke and the STP set design crew has been lost.

 <---- remember these signs too? ALL gone! :(

This is an appeal: 

Did you see anyone leaving Bestival Holding a Mickey Mouse with a big boner?

How about someone dressed as a gorilla holding a cock shaped banana? 

Check your memory for someone on the ferry wearing purely rope lights! 

And was there a guy dressed as a robber with a hundred troll dolls down his pants?!

Last seen at the Grand Palace of Entertainment on Monday. It had all disappeared by Tuesday. If you have any leads on the whereabouts of our set please get in touch:

Have you got any pictures of it, to help people identify the Sink The Pink set? Please post them on our Facebook page, and spread the word. This is a genuine appeal for help. Our crew slaved for months to create this genius work, we're totally gutted it has been stolen from us.

Thanks for all the tweet love n tranimals pics we've found on instagram so far: 

If you, like us, are devasted by the news of this appeal, a help line will be set up at the next Sink The Pink on Nov 3rd with counsellor Oozing Gloop answering a toy phone, feel free to vent your anger down the phone. Alternatively you can just dance harder, we find this helps with most of life's problems.

Relive the joy of the set and weep:

Friday, 5 October 2012


Press and blogs say: COME COME COME.


DJs: James Phillips, and the Sugarlow Boys downstairs in the JacqPot lounge, with shows all night from the Bestival Tranimals!

Too excited. 4 years? Time flies when you're having FUN. 

Love you all xxxx

Monday, 24 September 2012


Big ups and big love to the colourful crew on the otherside of the planet, we mirror your good vibes and colourful happy, nonconformist ways!
Love the Sink The Pinkers xx

Evolve Already (low res) from Jess Mills on Vimeo.

Friday, 14 September 2012


Come gather round Pinkers, its a big moment in our history - we have reached FOUR! Its an achievement in itself because no one saw Glyns liver lasting past the first few months!!

After a major weekend at Bestival, the Sink The Pink family has grown beyond our wildest dreams, we are like the pied piper and instead of rats we gather fluro lycra wearing trannies, in 6 inch heels and festival weaves!

So, gather your finest looks, nip by paks for some key seasonal treats and head on down to Bethnal Green Working Mens Club for 9pm, get there as close to 9 as you can as we expect a full house and shows start from 10! You can't miss this 'This Is Your Life' celebration of four years - we need you all there, Sink The Pink has only come this far because of YOU!

Get ya cheap tickets now here:

Massive Pink Love and see you on the 6th xxxx

Sink The Pink at London Fashion Week

Glyn and Amy spent this LFW presenting street style reports for Fashion One.

Check out their last piece for Fashion One on Camden style, hilar!

Bestival 2012. The year of the Sink The Pink takeover!

As we told the Bestival Blog, being at Bestival was one of our original inspirations behind the birth of Sink The Pink.  So to be back this year with our own tent, performing every night until the wee hours was magical for us.

This year our troop of merry men descended upon the Isle of Wight for another year repping Sink The Pink on the island.  Our amazing Sink The Pink set design team made up of members of our scene and led by Luk E Vandenberg decorated an incredible arena called The Grand Palace of Entertainment. 

The theme for this years Bestival was wildlife, the Sink The Pink crew were the TRANIMALS, and the set reflected this too! Amazing!

In the day it featured acts including Scottee, Let's Get Quizzical and Gay Bingo and every night from 1am was the Sink The Pink takeover. 

Performers included East London legend Jacqui Potato, pop god Bright Light Bright Light, DJs James Phillips, Prince Nelly, Gutterslut and the full Sink The Pink dance and tranny crew.  We also led daily keep fit classes with Mr Motivator, getting seas of crowds lunging and squatting.  Another highlight has to be leading the fancy dress parade on Saturday, we were like the pride float, with jock straps, leather queens and camp tranimals punching the air to Lets Have a Kiki.  We really brought the rainbow to Bestival this year and the crowd loved it.

For anyone new to Sink The Pink who discovered us whilst wandering late at night, welcome to the gang!  We are so happy to bring the fun and love to more people.  We are overjoyed at the amount of love we have received since!

And a final salute to our tranimals!

WE LOVE YOU ALL TRANIMALS! Thank you for the best weekend ever!  You made dreams come true!!  Every night the Sink The Pink tent had the most welcoming, fun, naughty, happy, perfect vibe, this was down to our girls...

To Jacqui for being the ultimate party soldier!
To Oozing Gloop for his last day looting skills, and friendly neighbourhood campsite relationship building, and pulling a random tran!
To Jonbenet for her cocktail bar and commitment to drag, both 24 hour services!
To Natalie Monroe for waking Amy up with a friendly accidental punch in the nose! LOLZ!
To Adam-marc Kelly, a pom pom head pieced, elephant trunked, non stop dancing festival vision!
Vanessa Abbott, our Dalson princess, gone but never forgotten! A festival fairy non stop dancing, with gold medal worthy festival stamina.
Lucy Fizz, the dance floor queen, serving bum skimming minidress realness 24 hours a day.
Declan, aka Poly, for her pop up hair salon and trantastic lion customisation skills.
Kirsty, our birthday gurl, for the out of this world campsite sing songs, and commitment to cats!
James Phillips, for Sundays mum-about-town, knitted legging realness look and the BANGING tunes.
George, for being such a trooper, last year he watched us on that float and this year he was one of us, welcome!
Jordan - late coming but impactful addition to the tranimal crew - your looks were strong gurl thank you!
Luca - YOU ARE SO CUTE! The knees! The white paint! The tail! The mirrored cod piece! We love you!
Chima - A festival virgin, you took on the tranimals and we happily took your cherry babes, so glad you were there and, even though Belindas African timing held you back now and then, you both served lycra realness and you filmed some key Bestival moments, that we CAN'T WAIT to see!!
David Masters - the DEDICATION to nipple clamps and colour matched miniscule lycra and fur based looks was NEXT LEV!
Fred - The smile! The muscles! The full body directional glitter experience! The festival beauty! Surviving Glyns obsession with you! Pulling, off site! We love you!
Henderson - a commitment to heels - losing a toenail after Mr Motivator and float day, thats dedication - we salute!
Ross - working granny cardiganed, head chef, voguing realness, daily!
Alex Clow - there since monday building the set and STILL serving strong drage on your 7th day - WERK!
Holestar - campfire real talk and choice tunes - we salute you our fave tranny with a fanny!
Prince Nelly - flying visit, a lasting imprint of bearded handsomeness and maje music selections, thank you!
Gaffy - for your directional lycra thrusting music and moves.
Bright Light Bright Light - he is a dish, wore a pink bumbag, played Ace of Bass and can sing on day 3 of a festival - a hero if ever there was one!
Tom Ordway - Babes, you built our set and took a party induced festival foot injury, you are a true STP soldier, love you!
Simon - always perfectly turned out, even after a week of building, we salute your beauty and hard work! Thank you!
Ella - girlfriend, you repped the lady power on the build, THANKS sister, you were brills, positive and got skillz!
Luke Rainey - for taking all the pulling points! And being the poor teenage girls heart throb!!
Peter the picture taking legend - how excited are we to see the pics?! He was always there, not only taking the BEST pics, but in full fabulous drage looks, what a legend!!!
Jim Hanner - driving the STP design crew down and being a festival force of nature!
Anthony - the stage manager of dreams - always fun, always organized, always there, always on it, whilst werking a blue weave and killer lycra - YOU ARE THE MAN/TRAN!
Joan of Dark - our son, our GENIUS choreographer, you made Glyns visions come to life with your incredible, tranny friendly moves, your energy and life force is so inspiring.  You make dancing come to life on stage, and the audiences reponse is proof that you are an INTEGRAL member of STP, we love and respect you darling and I am in awe of what you created for us, thank you thank you thank you, and your LOOKS! OMG, you rule Joan!!!!
Luke, my handsome beauty, up a ladder hanging lovingly handmade glittered creations all week, and designing and planning for months in advance.  What you have created for Sink The Pink is beyond our wildest dreams.  Luke loves and lives our scene so much that he has given up a summer of festivals and paid work to create this labour of love.  Only good things can come from such commitment and love, I can see the ripples of apprecitation and love that will come back to you from such kindness, talent and dedication to what we have created here.  I fucking love you and all that makes you you.

My wife, Glynda Glyne Hot Fuss Foosetta, the best friend that 4 years ago I sat with as we planned our dream club night, look what we've created!  Your utter ridiculousness on the mic is breathtakingly wonderful and your visions for Wembly arena sized stage shows fill me with complete joy, may it always continue!!

It is great because you are all great, I can't thank you all enough, other than to say, keep coming to the club and being a part of making it as great as it is!  Its a community, it works because we're all here for each other, keep it alive, tell your friends, STP is for for everyone!
We freaking love you all tranimals, thank you for everything you gave to this weekend.  May the fun continue!!

(Ooh i got a bit early Destinys Child where they used to pray for each other at the end of the album there, soz!!!)

SO, NEXT THEN.....Oct 6th, BGWMC, our 4th bday, be there!

Proud Muma Pink Amy xxxxxxxxxxxx