Monday, 13 August 2012

Besti bloco of the week: Sink the Pink's Tranimals!

Queens of East London Sink The Pink are back, and this year they will be hosting the late night revelry in The Grand Palace of Entertainment, a brand new Bestival fun-house in the Grassy Hill.

They are also heading up one of the most exciting blocos in our Bestival Carnival Parade: The Tranimals! Think hybrid animal, tranny realness! Hot tranny meets animal, creatures of the night; neon leopard prints, UV lips, hoofs for heels - check out their hilarious video!

If becoming a Tranimal and joining Sink the Pink’s bloco ticks your show-off boxes, then join their Facebook groupthen head over to the Carnival Village on Thursday or Friday to register your place for Saturday’s parade.

In the meantime, Glyn and Amy, Sink The Pink’s Mum and Dad give us the lo-down on all things pink...

What inspired the birth of Sink The Pink?

Actually, we'd not long been back from Bestival 2008, we had left feeling so inspired.  The vibe at Bestival is so free and welcoming, we had never found that feeling back in London night life.  We also adored the dressing up and wanted to bring that 'Day 3 of Bestival' feeling (where you end up in the most random and wonderful of outfits) to our daily lives!

We sat and listed all the things that would make up our dream party and we set about making it happen.  4 years later we are running monthly nights at our perfect venue Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, DJing massive festivals like Glasto and Lovebox and most importantly, our original inspiration, Bestival.

What can we expect during your late night sessions in the Grand Palace of Entertainment?

Bestival is our spiritual home, it personifies all the things we believe in at Sink The Pink.  Freedom, fun, self expression, celebrating the ridiculous, being true to yourself, acceptance and love.  We have got some TREATS in store for the Sink The Pink fun at Bestival this year!  The set design is by none other than Luk E Vandenburg, who is making Sink The Pinks visions fly into glittered, fabulous tranimal entities of wonderment!

We have some INCREDIBLE DJs and performers with back to back party anthems and numbers, which Sink The Pink has become famous for!  Bright Light Bright Light, Jonny Woo, James Philips, Holestar, and many others join the Sink The Pink dancers and the finest performers and trannies from the East London scene.  Its guaranteed party vibes with non stop dancing and shows until the sun rises.

As Raf from The 2 Bears said 'Sink The Pink are a horrific mess of lycra and fruitiness!'

Can we join your bloco crew?

We want everyone to join our bloco, we are the TRANIMALS! Join our Facebook group above and make sure you register at Carnival Village when you get onsite!

We can't wait for this! We love you Sink The Pink!

We love YOU Bestival!  Raaaaaaaaoooouuugggghhhh!!!!

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