Monday, 30 January 2012

Danny Rampling on the Sink The Pink House Party

House legend Danny Rampling joins Amy and Glyn for the Sink The Pink House Party. He's loving the East London gay scene right now!

Listen out for Shoreditch wind, unprofessional pops/mic technique and police cars going past, we're all class us! This really is the sound of East London!

London Roots - Vega Man
Donna Summer - She Works Hard For Her Money
Ben Sims - I Wanna Go Back (Feat. Blake Baxter)
Celestial Choir - Stand On The Word
Eddie Amador - Psycho X-Girlfriend
Red Light Spells Danger - Billy Ocean
Dame Shirley Bassey - Lets Get This Party Started
Corona - Try Me Out
DJ H & Stefy - Hey Boy (Larry Levan mix)

Raf Daddy of The 2 Bears joins the Sink The Pink house party!

Raf Daddy from The 2 Bears talks to Amy and Glyn at The Sink The Pink
House Party. They find out that Raf once DJed at Geri Halliwells
birthday party and Amy and Raf bond on their love of garage music.

Raf and Amy at Bestival 2009, and the famous 'Its Alot' t-shirt!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Sink The Pink, its summer! This Saturday!

One big summer party in the middle of winter, stars of My Transsexual Summer, jelly wrestling, a fake beach and tanning area, a holiday themed dress up area ad give away, Ma Butcher as head red coat and Glyn recreating Beyonces birth through dance!

Plus all door takings go to the lovelies from My Transsexual Summer, we heart them!

Saturday 28th January
Bethnal Green Working Mens Club
free before 10, only a fiver after