Friday, 11 February 2011

A Night of 1000 Su Pollards

Hi Di Hi Campers,

Well It was only as matter of time before it happened and we are SO excited to host a night dedicated to the patron saint of Sink the Pink, the queen of Accessorising, Goddess of the God awful, 80s Icon, Gay Leg End, first lady of fluro fashion and TRUE English Eccentric......Dame Su Pollard!

Come ready for a night that will be more fun than a lock in at the local Odd Bins with Su herself.
We will also be performing our sexsational NEW show, paying homage to La Pollard. Starring Ma Butcher and Sink the Pink.

PLUS - Your chance to win BIG in our Hi Di Hi camp Camper contest!

There could also be a VERY special guest popping in for the evening!!! Hmmmmmmmmm????

Djs: Sink the Pink and James Phillips (East Bloc) will be blasting out a plethora of musical treats with everything from Bonnie Tyler to Beth Ditto and everything inbetween covered!

Dress code: Think "What would Su do?". Anything from a hat made of Fruit to neon lycra. We will leave it with you.

As always The Sink the Pink closet will be there to inspire and help along your "Su" looks! As well as our Glitter my Shitter girls dousing your faces in subtle 80s make up trends!

9-3 £5 entry

"The future of London clubbing" Attitude

"A Joyous, camptastic rave up" the Guardian

"This is what happens when studio 54 meets a kids suburban ball pool party" Qx

"Oooooh the most fabulous night out in London" Su Pollard

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