Monday, 1 August 2011

An INCREDIBLE weekend!

Sink The Pink are in DEMAND boi!! We DJed, danced and played FUN party games with the people of the Vintage Festival on Friday and Saturday, LOVED IT!

And then it was straight over to Koko for Guilty Pleasures, where we DJed a 90s set and performed one of our numbers on the mainstage to thousands of people, what a buzz!

Then we performed on Sunday at our girl Ambers BOOBATHON at The Dalston Boys Club, it was INCREDIBLE!!! Amber raised £4000, girls gonna get her titties!!!!

Our next party is Happy Shopper at Dalston Superstore on Saturday 13th August

Then Sink The Pink dance classes start on Tuesday 16th August and EVERY TUESDAY onwards at Bethnal Green Working Mens Club. Its going to be TOO much fun!

7-9pm fun warm up and then learn a few Sink The Pink dance routines, then we'll have drinks and watch a dance inspired film such as Xanadu or Showgirls each week!

Get fit, meet really lovely people, and learn the FUNNEST dance routines to break out into on the dance floor, and of course, at Sink The Pink nights you can jump up on stage and dance with us! We can ALL be Sink The Pink dancers kids!!

Massive Monday love xxxxxxxxxxxx

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