Friday, 20 September 2013


What an INCREDIBLE Bestival!!

Team Sink The Pink J'ADORED every moment of it!!!  Some of our highlights include....

Our new best friends, THE NAVY!

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The energy leading the camp keep fit class on the mainstage with them was NEXT LEVEL!!!  The crowd loved it and their lunges made the sun come out!!!
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Rehearsing behind the mainstage - all pretty ridiculous!Inline images 3
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This was the message we received from them after the weekend, two unlikey groups becoming NEW BEST FRIENDS!!! Let's do it again next year!! This was the navy crew at STP at the Grand Palace every night!!!

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Talking of which, we were one in one out from the minute we started every night til 4am, massive crowds out the front too, it seems the people of Bestival love a bit of late night tranny action!!  Who doesn't?! 

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And then there was the parade on the pirate ship!!!  Another total STONKER!

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Oh and this was after THE BEST MOMENT OF OUR LIVES, dancing on stage with CHIC!!! A dream!!!!!

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We are soooooo proud of all we did this year at Bestival.  Check some of our twitter/fb love, it went craaaazy during/after Besti!!

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Gemma did a very lovely piece about us too :)



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